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Signing Apps Before Use...


Before you can use Döcu Content, including Filebin.nsf, you must first sign them both using the Lotus Notes Domino Administrator Software....


Information contained in the following is presented as is. This tutorial assumes you have basic Lotus Notes Configuration knowledge.

Load Lotus Notes Domino Administrator

First order of business is to load Lotus Notes Domino Administrator, you can do this right from your Domino Designer Environement by going to File + Launch Domino Administrator. Once there, you will need to go the Files Tab to view your list of databases. Provided you have already copied the Döcu Content App into your root folder, (1) select that dev folder, (2) right-click on the App (3) and choose Sign.

Cheat Sheet:

Please follow below scrrenshots for hints on how to do this. You will then repeat the same for the filebin.nsf application, which you must be at the root directory of Lotus Notes.

Figure 1

Figure 2


Wait at least 5 to 7 seconds to make sure Lotus Notes Administrator complete signing the Apps. Otherwise the possible error that may load when you attempt viewing the Döcu Content App in your browser is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

FileBin.nsf Housekeeping(Optionl)

Döcu Content App uses the filebin.nsf file as login database, it must first be reached otherwise when you attempt to login, you may find that the login page does not result to entry to site. Simply put, go to your application's navigator and open the file to make available resources. Perform the folowing tasks to enable login:

  1. Run SecurityAccessView view in Lotus Notes Client

  2. Add your machine's userID to the list (Based on your Lotus Notes ID file)

  3. Save the view

  4. Run Döcu Content

Note: In running Döcu Content, the Login page should load your machine's userID to the login form, verify you have identical information in your view

Döcu Content Housekeeping

Before you can actually login, if you must use your userID file information to reach Döcu Content, you will also need to modify some Java class files. You can modify code at your leizure to remove the need to perform such tasks thereafter. For now, you must use the following userID to login 'AlienHouse'. Provided you have the need to use a different login, use below intructions in conjunction with the FileBin.nsf instructions to prepare the App as you wich for access:

  1. Find package; then grab class in your Package, see screenshots below

  2. Modify code highlighted in below screenshot identically to your userID file information

Döcu Content Reports Libraries

Before you can actually view Charts and Report, you will need to configure Build Path to add necessary libraries. You will also need to configure your CLASSPATH and add some information to your Lotus Notes directory, namely 'lib/ext' so your App can use the Libs to run the reports and charts. For starters, the following errors may be available with your version of Döcu Content:

  1. See documentation page in OpenNTF for the jar files you will need to add as libraries

  2. Also grab zip file containing other report-related files which you will also needed added to your local drive

Begin by adding some jar files to your Lotus Notes Directory, see screenshots for locations





Continue by making connection to files CLASSPATH Directory, see screenshots for locations

Finish by configuring your project's Build Path, see screenshots for locations

The library names are available but are empty, you must configure to everything resembles screenshots provided earlier:

  1. Click Add Library

  2. User Library

  3. New

  4. The Add Jars from your Notes Directory