Döcu Mobile

Navigating XSnippets, Samples, etc...

System Requirements:

Download jquery.mobile-1.2.0 (Optional)


Download Domino Designer 8.5.3 Environment (DDE)



Read 'App Load' instructions PDF file first: Load videos and connect to Dököll Solutions, Inc., OpenNTF, and Xpages Forum code samples. Info that can be used to enhance your App content...


Information contained in the following is presented as is. This tutorial assumes you have basic Lotus Notes Domino Configuration knowledge. Please read the documentation in OpenNTF.org thoroughly for information pertaining to running the application. Example, filebin.nsf should be added to the root directory of Lotus Notes, whereas Döcu Mobile needs to be in a dev folder which you will need to create...

Load Döcu Mobile

Please note, this App is built with the World Wide Web in mind, however, you can modify it to fit the Client side of Lotus Notes. You can access Döcu Mobile in three ways, the first is by simply typing the following in your web browser: http://localhost/dev/documobile.nsf/index.html, the second is by typing http://localhost/dev/documobile.nsf/xpredir.xsp, the last is simple, just select the App from Applications Navigator, from Domino Designer, and click the Web Browser button above your pane; which really performs the second task mentioned in this paragraph.

Figure 1

What's Trending

Take a quick look at my videos for related technology information and education. The information may not be of interest to everyone, I thought it would be sort of important to make mention of persons or companies, starting with Intel, IBM, etc... that have helped shape our world/view. You may also find that I am advocating Programming for Kids, and Space Explorations as part of technology trends.

Figure 2


You are going to need to login to see additional App sample code. You can do this by simply clicking on the App Store link on the homepage or the Dököll Solutions, Inc. Logo, identified by the image shown in Figure 3, in the above navigation block.

Figure 3

Watch Video or Use Account to Login

If you need help logging in, watch video posted on OpenNTF.org about this application. The video is also available by clicking the Döcu image listed in the previous screenshot. Provided you are comforatable, you can simply use the following account by inserting it in the Xpages form shown in Figure 4, to reach the samples pages: username101

Figure 4

Navigate App Samples Code

After you have logged in, browse the App Samples page to grab Xsnippets already submitted to OpenNTF and Xpages Forum. You may find that some of the tuts on Xpages Forum are also available on my personal website: www.dokollsolutionsinc.com

Figure 5



All of this could not be possible without the help of other giants, works of art that I have amassed through the years; so thank you to all who have unselfishly submitted your work to be used by others.