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JDeveloper, DB2, JSF Configuration

System Requirements

Software Used

Language Used

Framework Used

Oracle JDeveloper Version 12.1.3 IDE


Java Server Faces

Oracle Integrated Weblogic Server

CSS, HTML, JavaScript


IBM DB2 Express-C v9.7.4


SQL Database Server


Use existing connection to query DB2 via JSF page, deployed to Integrated Weblogic Server with JDeveloper.


Information contained in the following is presented as is. This tutorial assumes you have basic programming knowledge. All tutorials are based on Oracle Fusion Middleware products. Should you need to familiarize yourself with JDeveloper environment, prior to continuing this tutorial, please stop now and see our Tutorials page...

Create App from Scratch using Oracle JDeveloper IDE and IBM DB2

At this point we assume Oracle JDeveloper is downloaded/installed, a connection to IBM DB2 has been established. It is a good idea to first launch the Integrated Oracle Weblogic Server prior to Deploying applications to it. Follow instructions below to create an application from scratch within minutes using the JDeveloper IDE; areas of interest have been highlighted for your convenience.


  1. Go to Oracle and Download JDeveloper v.12,

  2. Go to IBM and grab IBM DB2 Express-C v9.7

  3. Follow tutorials to install, config, create, play

IMPORTANT: Maintain Valid Oracle and IBM account for these downloads. Also create a JAR file repository to reference in your IDEs as needed for configuration


IBM DB2 in Oracle Products


View other Configuration files needed tutorials, for further support

Oracle SQL Developer


Oracle JDeveloper



You can connect Oracle JDeveloper to IBM DB2 and run JSF Page to Browser; aided by Oracle Integrated Weblogic Web Server.

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