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Research, Learn, and Share your knowledge, Contribute to society and be part of a Network. Make use of Open Source and Free to use software and submit to your community samples Apps or reusable code fragments.

IBM Domino Designer, DB2, Data Studio, Oracle JDeveloper
ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Document: Journal Entries 20 Page(s)
6 of 7 Documents: Create an application in Oracle JDeveloper (Troubleshoot ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException), to show Allegations and/or Departments data- then share this information via Web Services to IBM Notes Domino environment...
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Green Coding Habits

Make your work count, add comments and instructions to your code, thoroughly test your samples before submission (mention what may still need additional testing), try not to be a litter bug in your community or forum, help save time and effort. Be Green! After all, what is the purpose of your submission if it cannot be used or comprehended. Might be a good idea to also mention, or at least give credits to works being used in your submissions.

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